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pizza with beets, arugula, pesto and goat cheese

I always did – and always will – love the rhythm of life in Spain. Getting up late, staying up even later, eating very late – no problem for me. So when my husband decided to go back to coaching soccer and I was faced with the fact that at least twice a week he would not be home for dinner before the time some folks already hit the sack, I was, let’s say, pleasantly motivated.

This meant that I would have to come up with late night meals for just the two of us, suppers that could be prepped ahead of time and finished off at the last minute. Dinners that taste wonderful, that make one feel welcomed, that remind one how good life is. What a wonderful little challenge to throw myself into!

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Past Supper #19 – Wintery Goodness

melted cheese in pork chops

melted cheese in pork chops

Ok, most of you may smile when I start talking about winter and its meals. But believe me: Even here in sunny Florida, as opposed to what most people think, there are seasons. And the mornings and evenings are cooler now than they were a few months back, and just as we enjoy donning some boots every now and then, or wearing a sweater instead of the usual t-shirt, we do celebrate warming, hearty meals. The pork chop, pounded, topped with thick cuts of finest Gruyère, then patched together with toothpicks and grilled to perfection, was such a dinner. The mix of pan fried white and sweet potatoes and crunchy green beans complemented the soothing effect of this dinner. Oh yes!

Past Supper #18 – Use-Up-All-Those-Herbs Trinity

herb based dinner

It’s rather nice having to deal with good problems. Like the one of getting way too big boxes filled with way too many herbs from various farmer friends, and this at a weekly basis. So last night I used the one batch of pesto I had prepared – no basil, but chervil, mint, lemon balm and dill – on bruschetta. I pepped up a salad with all my beautiful garlic chive. And I infused the baked potatoes with potent rosemary. Oh boy, what a supper. – And now our fridge is ready for new arrivals.