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Spicy pickled eggs (or Last minute Holiday gift)

Spicy pickled eggs make for a quick Holiday gift

I love spicy foods. I love pickles and making them. I adore, absolutely adore eggs. And ever since I have had brunch at “The Old Fashioned” in Madison, WI – during the annual conference of the American Cheese Society (ACS) this past August – I am obsessed with spicy pickled eggs. They came as a separately ordered side dish at the restaurant and were divine. (The bold Bloody Mary I drank surely didn’t hurt the euphoric experience.)

Back home I started my quest for the ultimate spicy pickled eggs. I read and recreated some recipes and quickly realized that there only were slight nuances between most. So I decided to set out on my own and come up with my personal favorite version. And so should you!

The first step is to choose your vinegar. I love red wine vinegar for its fine flavors and at first was fascinated by the idea of pink hued eggs. For some reason though I didn’t like the very pale pink on the outside in combination with the white and yellow once I cut the egg in half. So I settled on apple cider vinegar, a staple in my kitchen not only for its round and robust flavor but also for apothecary qualities.

The ingredients that will make the eggs spicy

For the peppers I chose a combination that I hoped would result in a balanced flavor mix: Very hot Habanero, spicy Jalapeno and sweet red Bell pepper. Which turned out to not only add a deep but not numbing heat yet to also look very pretty in combination with the white eggs. The idea for some quick but delicious Holiday gifts was born.

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First food memories – Canapés

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