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Food Folks

People who inspire & satisfy my culinary hunger. Plus a few publications I love.

  • Albert Adria (because it’s not easy to be Ferran’s brother and still stand strong and successful)
  • Beat Caduff (the man with the most delicate sense for scent. Ever)
  • Daniel Humm (our common roots, his total calmness)
  • Das kulinarische Erbe der Alpen
  • David Funaro (how could a traveling chocolatier on a constant mission for a great meal not be inspiring?)
  • David Kinch (the vision, the consequence, the art)
  • Fabian Fuchs (only he cooked a five course rhubarb dinner for my birthday once)
  • Ferran Adria (because he is Ferran Adria)
  • Fredy Girardet (two steps ahead. Always was, always will be)
  • Grant Gchatz (the extra ordinary guy from next door)
  • Harold McGee (nerds can be annoying but food nerds are like magnets)
  • Juan Mari & Elena Arzak (the most delicious marriage of tradition and evolution, times two)
  • Mark Bittman (I like people who can suffer AND enjoy. He is a runner too)
  • Michael Pollan (intelligent, provocative, proactive)
  • My last Supper
  • Nathaniel Reid (we exchange restaurant tips, recipes and trainings logs. He made my son’s graduation cake)
  • Norman Love (relentless and humanitarian)
  • Rene Redzepi (combining roots and future. Feeling and thinking. Unpredictable. Fascinating)
  • Rolf Beeler (fearless raw milk advocate)
  • Ruth Reichl (perfect mix of passion, knowledge and not-taking-things-too-serious)
  • Tasting Table (shows that not only big names are worth to listen to)
  • Willi Schmid (no one respects nature – every tiniest part of it – more than this cheese maker, pardon: wizard)