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Portugese Patterns

portuguese tiles

ceramic tile

Portugal has been one of those few European countries to which for some reason both my husband and myself never had been to. We had often been very close by, in Spain, we had seen pictures, heard recounts and read articles though. According to them, every pore and place of this history laden little country sounded fantastic, and a few weeks back we finally decided to go see for ourselves and travel to Portugal.

What a great decision this was! Even though our expectations were high, we did not get disappointed in any way. The cities are charmful and pictuesque, full of art and beauty stories, the villages and landscapes ever changing, rural and genuine. There’s colors and gardens and architectural styles, orchards and green spaces and traditions. The people act calm, friendly and helpful towards strangers, and seem like a happy and serene bunch between themselves.


vineyards in the duoro

And the food, oh the glorious food, is an entire story on its own. Portugese food is down to earth and does, what food first and foremost used to be and (at least there, how refreshing to witness) still is intended to do: It nourishes. Both the body and the soul, and abundantly so. There is little Froufrou in Portugese food, and much honesty. Animals and plants are used in their entiety. So one will get served pig ears instead of just the loin, turnip greens instead of just turnip, or tiny, whole fishes, eyes, fins and all. Continue reading “Portugese Patterns” »

Bonjour Paris!

Drawing Eiffel Tower, Paris, at night

So I woke up in Paris this morning.

It didn’t come as a surprise, of course, the trip was planned. And yet it did feel special. – I have visited this city numerous times in the past, both for business and leisure. But never during the last decade. So I am curious to discover, during the upcoming days, what has changed, and what not.

My memories and images, expectations and hopes are many. Naturally, most are related to food. When I hear Paris, I think Brasseries and Bistros, Baguettes and Boudin and Blanquette de Veau. I see tiny Epiceries, lively market stalls and expert shoppers. People drinking Café or Pastis or Limonade on the terraces of the different restaurants. Sirop de Menthe. Un verre (a glass of wine) or une pression (a beer on tap). I see Steak Tartare or Steak Frites, all the beautiful Pâtisseries and Fromageries. Oh, speaking of cheese: I also do see – and almost taste by just thinking of it – the classic Chèvre Chaud: A big mixed green salad dressed in warm bacon vinaigrette and topped with a thick, warm slice of goat cheese on toast.

My youngest one, when I talked about Paris with him, had only one, yet a very clear vision: The Eiffel Tower at night, with the stars shining bright and the moon smiling. And fine music in the air, because “the spirit of somebody who created something great always stays around”. Pas mal, non?

So don’t be disappointed not to find recipes or pictures from my own kitchen during the next week or so. Yet expect menu descriptions, photographs of places, plates and people, updates on novelties or funnies or trends. Just about anything that makes (edible) Paris Paris.

Seafood Restaurant in Paris



Off We Go!

happytsomachs goes nyc

I am off to New York City for business (Summer Fancy Food Show) and, well of course, personal food adventures. So expect a lot of tempting pictures in the upcoming days. Recounts of long, fabulous meals and discoveries of little hidden gems. There will be cheese, more cheese, and then some. There will be unexpected, surprising finds and plate after plate of deliciousness. There will be a night with almost famous Uncle Larry – and whatever gig he has in store for us. There will be tons of delight and discoveries.

Stay tuned! New York City always is inspiring. And every single time reveals a side or a place or a product one never has seen before. Ciao!

Pictures at a Fridge #5 – Birthday Card

birthday card with lady gulping beer

This is the most funny and meaningful birthday card I ever received. First, it reminds me of that short but great stay with my one friend in California, during which she gave me the card. Also, it speaks the (my) truth. As opposed to Wynona, I do not care for sweet baked goods, so people who know me will not even try to tempt me with this kind of goodies. They won’t do it with beer either (like the photo suggests). – But they will do it with wine. And they won’t have to try hard. I love my wine, just like Wynona loves her beer. And that is it. Cheers!

Text birthday card