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Pictures on my Fridge #6 – So many Smiles

yearly bicycle plate, 1986, bern canton

This photograph reminds me of so many happy things at once. Even though it only is a tiny picture, it puts a lot of smiles on my face.

The red, metal plate used to hang on the back of my bike during the year of 1986. It was a mandatory registration of bicycles in Switzerland, and cost 5 Swiss Franks every year to get renewed. Back then this plate didn’t mean much to me. But now it reminds me of how often I used my bike, all the places it took me, how much I loved riding my bike. In 86 my bike was a heavy, dutch, black Raleigh bike. Old fashioned even back then, but I loved it. It was all I had wished for my birthday first and then Christmas in 1980. I named it Sokrates, and I took it everywhere. Or vice versa.

BE stands for Bern, which refers to the canton I grew up and until the age of 18 lived in. Bern is a region with great diversity, and I am a very patriotic “Berner” girl. The canton not only hosts the city of Bern, the capital of Switzerland, which is an incredibly rich in history and beautiful to stroll through. It also consists of the Bernese Alps, rolls over to the hills of Jura, into the mellow and dreamy Emmental. Aaahhh, my Bern. Or, as I like to say: Bärn han i gärn! (I love Bern.)

1986 was a great year for me personally and in every aspect. That year cradles wonderful experiences, relationships, moments, memories and travels.

The little bike is a present my youngest crafted for me. It reminds me of his creativity, spontaneity and genuine love. What ever comes to his mind he will try to express with / in paper, tape, card board and colors. He is a true inspiration and I am that lucky person that always can count with the next surprise.

There’s a lot of red in that picture, and I love red. It energizes me, it strengthens me and it simply makes me happy.

The sushi magnet, even though only partly in the picture, represents serenity. I love to eat sushi, yes and of course and this, by now, you might know. But this magnet stands for more. There is my deep appreciation for Japanese food art in general. My enormous curiosity and attraction to Japan as a country, source of history, society, land of nature, beauty, art and fascinating discipline. When I think of Japan, when I remember moments and travels in and through Japan, I instantly get into a state of energetic calmness. I want to go, I want to create, I want to learn. But I am not nervous, I am very calm and confident.

That’s why I love staring at this little picture.

A Concise History Of Japan

history of japan

Very precise. All about details. All I want to know.

Reading # 5 – Preserving the Japanese Way

Preserving the Japanese Way

I got this book for my birthday, a couple of months ago, and read it from the first to the last page. Then I put it by my other “canning” books. After my return from Japan last week, this book was the first thing I pulled and put onto my table in order to re read and plan my preserving schedule. At every meal, every market, in each store in Japan I had been mesmerized with the pickle selection. This book not only shows techniques and recipes, it also tells stories and the history, contains many beautiful pictures, and is in depth yet easy to read. I can’t wait to serve my own little pickled side dishes very soon. (By Nancy Singleton Hachisu, Andrews McMeel Publishing.)

Reading #4 – Stone Mattress

The “nine tales” are connected between them and reflect our crazy, pretended, modern world. Through impressive, at times almost absurd characters and their only impossible seeming histories and stories. Told in the intelligent, sarcastic, keen and precise way Margaret Atwood has made us so used to. This is a brilliant book.

atwoods newest book

Reading #3 – Life after Life

Witty and deep at the same time. This makes it wise, I guess. – Funny food moments, food related names and comparisons. Not easy to put away.

novel by kate atkinson