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My name is Caroline Hostettler. I am a Swiss food journalist turned cheese importer/lover and currently live in Florida, United States, with my husband and four sons. I am 48 years old, my love for food about 44 years. My frequent travels as a writer have nurtured the passion for everything edible (and sometimes inedible) and only made me more hungry over time.

This blog wasn’t planned. It happened – like so many good things.

To be accurate: It was a Christmas gift. While I was doubting that I needed yet another task on my plate when confronted with the idea, the gracious giver was convinced that for a food professional, passionate cook and fanatic eater whose friends are chefs, favorite destinations restaurant kitchens and preferred reads, well you know which… a food blog was just like the fork and knife next to one’s plate: A perfectly normal necessity.

So here it is. Happy Stomachs is a place where I intend to share stories, recipes, ideas, memories and concepts with all friends in food out there. You will find posts about specific products, foreign cultures, grand chefs, tiny mountain huts, humongous personalities, spectacularly simple meals or innovative manufacturers. Of course cheese will be taking the stage every now and then. As will my Swiss upbringing. I mean… You will meet people , places, traditions, emotions, gadgets and inspirations. All connected to and through food.

I am looking forward to write regularly again and to be able to touch on the countless aspects the world of food has to offer. Combining my past – living on a different continent, writing, traveling, loving and learning food – with the wonderful present – working with my beloved cheeses, still traveling quite a bit and enjoying life with what is my favorite non-food asset, my family – feels like closing a circle. Maybe this blog is a perfectly normal necessity after all.


The blog

There’s, obviously, the main posts. And there’s a side bar (to the left of the page) with the following columns:

Swiss Kiss

Dishes, traditions, foods, products, personalities, etc. that are strictly Swiss. Often, these posts reveal a great deal of general (not just food related) background on specific meals, regions and customs. While they did not give you the opportunity to learn biology, geography, chemistry, physics, even math and languages, through food during school – here you can do just that!

Past Supper

A picture and a sentence describing what I ate the day before. There’s no recipes, but this can be used as an inspiration, the departure to an adventure or simply as a decision making help on those days you are not quite sure what to put on the table.

Carpe Diem

These are short posts on dishes that require practically no time, no special tools or difficult techniques, and mainly consist of very basic ingredients. In other words: Life savers! No recipe necessary here, the description is instructive enough. So you can enjoy your day (and still eat well).

Food for Thought

Sporadic articles on all the other things I love besides food.

Food Folks

Personalities, friends, characters and all kinds of people who I deeply respect, support, adore and love. Because of their passion and palate, vision, knowledge, sense for taste and scent, experience, example they set and inspiration they exhale. This list is very emotional and subjective. And, just like life, it will slightly change  over time.